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Our deadline for day applications for September 2021 was Tuesday, December 1. At this time, we are unable to accept additional applications at most entry levels. Please contact us at admissions@nullhavergal.on.ca to express your interest in a late application. We are delighted to be accepting Boarding applications for Grades 9-11.


How to Apply for September 2021

We are delighted that you are considering Havergal College for your child. The Admission team is here to help make the process a positive one for your family and are here to support you along the journey.   Our role as the Admission team is to ensure that at each stage in the process, applicants know we are keen to understand their strengths, where we can provide support and how they will add to our vibrant community.  It is also our role to ensure you are well informed about Havergal’s programs and how a Havergal education provides our graduates with the skills, values and attributes that allow them to have impact as they strive to make a difference in their chosen pursuits.

In keeping with the College’s commitment to academic excellence, wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion, the Admission Team, in conjunction with key faculty have reviewed our practices to ensure they are relevant, inclusive and reflective of best practice nationally and internationally. Like many preeminent independent schools in the world, Havergal has been mindful of the ongoing pandemic and its effect on the wellbeing of students. Our admission and assessment practices for entry to the College in September 2021 reflect the knowledge and research that we have gained during this review.

As we begin our admission cycle, we are optimistic and excited about the evolution of our admission process. We look forward to getting to know you and your family throughout the admission season and through the many events that you will find listed on our Virtual Admission Centre.

Best wishes,

Maggie Houston-White
Executive Director, Strategic Enrolment Management


English Requirements

Havergal does not offer an ESL program. In order for students to be successful at Havergal, they must be able to demonstrate fluency in both oral and written communication. Applicants applying to Grades 4 through 11 whose first language is not English may be required to complete an English proficiency test. Testing is grade-specific and details can be found under each grade’s application page.


Looking for More Information?

Please see our Virtual Admission Center to see our virtual tour and to connect with a member of our Admission team.