Forum for Change

The Forum for Change (F4C) is the global heartbeat of Havergal, serving as the hub of global learning, community partnership programming and social innovation work.

F4C provides students with opportunities outside of Havergal where they can experience new perspectives and engage with people and cultures from various places around the world. Our network of partners extends to UNESCO Associated Schools Network, the Independent Schools Experiential Educators Network (ISEEN) and Round Square, where we are a candidate member. 

The F4C stretches and challenges our students in ways that support their academic learning and development of sense of self, with a disposition to action. Through Global Exchanges, International Learning Service trips, our Community Partnership program and the Global Learning & Leading Diploma, students are equipped to make a positive difference in the world.

Global Experience Program

A student looks out of a car at a giraffe while on safari in South Africa.

When participating in the Global Experience Program (GEP), students are challenged to engage with people in different places. The program is focused on partnering with others to achieve shared objectives and to learn by working together. Through local and international experiences, students develop a belief in their own abilities and in their capabilities to learn, acquire new skills and adapt to new situations. The GEP includes local community partnerships, the Global Exchange Program and international partnerships.

Community Partnerships

Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in and provide service to a variety of local partnerships with community organizations across Toronto. Our Community Partnerships include organizations such as Art City, Grenoble Public School Homework Club and New Circles, to name a few.

Global Exchange Program

The Global Exchange Program offers students in Grades 8 and 10 the opportunity to take part in experiential learning and personal development through living and studying in another country and, in return, hosting a visiting exchange student. The experience allows students to see themselves as contributors to the global community as they develop into confident, capable and compassionate young people.

International Partnerships

Students have the opportunity to travel for meaningful excursions to national and international destinations which provide unique experiences. These excursions allow our students to know themselves in new ways, better understand the lived experiences of others and deepen their exploration of their roles in the world.

Social Innovation Opportunities

Students sit on chairs in a semi-circle while listening to Indigenous educator Mike Carlson.

The F4C provides opportunities for students to engage with social entrepreneurs, global community leaders and in innovative programming and workshops. These learning experiences are held under the umbrellas of Social Justice, Diversity and Equity; Learning Service and Cultural Understanding; and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Canoes on a beach.

Havergal is an official Award Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, a global program that empowers young people to learn, grow and discover their potential by making a difference in their community. We support students in both the enrollment process and submission of required information. While we do not offer Duke of Edinburgh specific programming, we provide support for students in seeking and designing experiences.

Global Learning & Leading Diploma

Students sit crossed-legged in a circle on a large map of Canada that is displayed on the floor of a hall.

The Global Learning and Leading Diploma (GLLD) is a future-ready diploma providing a distinguishing program for students engaged in the work of social innovation, social justice and global impact. This diploma is designed to further differentiate students to external institutions (post-secondary, employment, etc.) by recognizing their work in domains outside of traditional programming.

Round Square

Two students pose together on a pier in Hong Kong at night.

One of our newest partners, Round Square is an international network of 200 like-minded schools around the globe that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programs and experiences. Round Square schools share a commitment to character education and experiential learning built around six key themes or IDEALS: International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service. This partnership allows additional opportunities for our students to engage in global projects, conferences and connections beyond Havergal.