Senior School

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The Senior School prepares students to be globally-minded, confident and resilient decision makers who are able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments.


Community & Global Partnerships

Providing opportunities to make the world a better place.


Athletic Teams

Building self-confidence, sportsmanship and commitment.


Leadership Opportunities

Develop skills for students to become leaders of tomorrow.

In the Senior School, each student assumes increasing responsibility for the decisions that shape their future. They are guided, mentored and inspired by experienced faculty and staff who ensure that all students are successful at Havergal. Mentoring relationships help Senior School students expand their network and to connect to opportunities close to home and across the globe. As a result, each student acquires the confidence and initiative to find their own way.

Post-secondary planning plays an integral part of our Senior School program, through our Guidance and Teacher Advisor programs. Havergal students graduate as informed and responsive global citizens, ready to take the next step whether that is studying at a university in Canada or abroad or taking a path less travelled. With the arrival of Boarding School students in Grade 9, the Senior School is enriched by different perspectives and worldviews.Our graduates (100%) study at the university of their choice, including prestigious institutions around the globe.



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Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning

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Co-Curricular Activities

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Co-Curricular Activities

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The Arts

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The Arts

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House & Community

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House & Community

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Our Campus

With the largest girls’ independent school campus in the city, Havergal’s 22-acre campus features a natural protected tree-lined ravine, green playing fields and a combination of heritage and modern architecture. Our new double-height Art Studio and outdoor sculpture area provide bright, light-filled spaces to spark creativity. New classrooms are positioned to foster greater collaboration between departments and encourage inspiration and imagination among students.

Meet the Faculty & Staff

Our exceptional faculty and staff are what sets Havergal apart from other schools. They keenly participate in the life of the school as coaches, advisors and mentors, and show our students every day that they care. Meet some of our team members:

Deirdre Timusk headshot

Deirdre Timusk

Head of the Senior School

Sanna Ansari Zubair headshot

Sanna Ansari Zubair

Mathematics Teacher

Adam Caplan headshot

Adam Caplan

Director, HC-X

Rocky Menzella headshot

Rocky Menzella

Social Sciences Teacher

Tom O’Donoghue headshot

Tom O’Donoghue

English & Drama Teacher

Fatima Remtulla headshot

Fatima Remtulla

Mathematics Teacher

Kasia Ulbin headshot

Kasia Ulbin

Art & Design Teacher

Lulu Wang headshot

Lulu Wang

Science Teacher

Meagan Yarmey headshot

Meagan Yarmey

Director of Wellbeing


Built with intention, HC-X–Havergal’s innovation hub–is designed to support students and faculty through new contemporary programs and innovative future-ready learning experiences.


How will my child develop their leadership skills in the Senior School program and what opportunities are available?

Students of all ages should have opportunities to develop their voice, and in doing so, discover and build capacity in their ability to be a leader. In the Senior School, students are given opportunities to build and develop their leadership skills with purposefully-created formal and informal opportunities. Formal leadership opportunities are provided through elected student positions. Grade 12 students can run for Prefect, House Captain and Senior Year President. Opportunities available for all Senior School students include Club Head, Community Partnership Head, Grade Representative, Member of Council for Sports, Arts, Wellness, Sustainability, Admissions, Social and Student Councils.

A formal leadership title is not necessary in order to make a difference and lead and not all Senior School students are interested in holding a formal leadership role. These students are therefore encouraged to get involved with informal and community-based leadership opportunities such as becoming Spirit Week Grade Representatives; engaging in excursions and the Exchange Program; participating in public speaking opportunities; and organically volunteering and supporting other school programming and initiatives.

How does wellbeing fit into the Senior School daily schedule?

In the Senior School, students have an hour of dedicated wellbeing programming each day. That time may be spent in Prayers, athletics or arts activities, guidance sessions, advisory groups, clubs and many other opportunities. The aim is to provide balance in students’ lives, attending equally to their cognitive social, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Students explore individual wellness topics in depth, such as stress management, conflict resolution and mindfulness. Students develop self-awareness and a sophisticated wellbeing vocabulary. Knowing themselves and being able to express who they are equips them to become agents in their own lives, increasingly able to guide themselves in their academics, relationships and life goals. Grade 12s also focus on university pathways and applications.

How does focusing on wellbeing prepare students for the future?

Practising the skills of wellbeing helps our students to engage in a healthy way with present and future possibilities and be prepared for the unexpected. They gain the ability to be strategic–to assess patterns, shift perspectives, weigh options and calculate outcomes. With a reliable framework for making decisions, they are equipped to be proactive throughout life. For our students to thrive in life they need to understand and apply the skills that build health and wellness. With that preparation, they are ready to make a difference as individuals, citizens and leaders.

How does Havergal foster voice and choice to make students agents of change?

Senior School students are encouraged to share their perspectives and develop self-direction. Students make increasingly independent choices about their co-curricular clubs and activities, deciding what to pursue and how to balance their commitments. By Grade 11 and 12, their education plan is also largely self-directed, as they customize their course options to meet their personal goals. Students may also complete the Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone program, comprising one year of AP Seminar and one year of AP Research focused on a real-world issue of their choosing. Making responsible decisions increases student agency and is an important part of a Havergal education.

How are Havergal students provided guidance for their futures?

In Grade 9, the focus of Guidance classes is on building community, learning to consider other opinions and voicing opinions respectfully. In Grade 10, students continue to build strategies to add to their academic toolkits. Finally, in Grade 11 and 12, the program focuses on post-secondary investigation and planning. All of this is to ensure students are prepared for what lies before them outside of Havergal, while also feeling empowered to make choices about their futures.

Will my child be able to get into the university of their choice?

When students graduate from Havergal, they will be ready not only to succeed, but also to make a difference as a leader in their chosen pursuits. Graduates have the academic credentials and the intellectual curiosity to excel at university and beyond, with 100% of them studying at the university of their choice. Our graduates are empowered to chart their own course for the future.

Boarding School

Located in the Upper School, the Boarding School provides unique experiences with opportunities for students to learn, grow and make lifelong friends.