Why Give

Your Support is Essential

Philanthropic support fuels Havergal’s commitment to excellence and helps prepare our learners to be the leaders of tomorrow. Your invaluable gift both advances and sustains our commitment to prepare young women to make a difference by supporting investments in curriculum enrichment, financial assistance, special projects and many other initiatives that make our academic, athletics, visual and performing arts programs exceptional. 

Ensuring our students are future-ready requires a continued commitment from our community. Your financial support plays an important role in providing them with a truly enriching experience while at Havergal.

Reasons to Give

Havergal is a not-for-profit institution. Tuition covers the costs of operating expenses, but other endeavours and investments are only made possible through philanthropy. The generosity of our donors supports our students on their educational journey to become confident globally-minded leaders of tomorrow. 

For alumni, making a gift allows you to express your gratitude for the experience you had as a student. For parents and grandparents, a donation is a great way to show appreciation for the community in which your loved one belongs and thrives.

What impact will your gift have? Your gift has an impact on our students every single day. Your donation can help support:

  1. HC Fund
    Your unrestricted gift will allow Havergal to direct funding to the area of greatest need for the College.
  2. Financial Aid
    Champion exceptional Day and Boarding students who would not otherwise be able to attend Havergal. Your gift will help us eliminate the tuition fee barrier for these students.
  3. Wellbeing
    Our program provides students with the sense of agency required to identify their needs for personal wellbeing and access the appropriate support. Your gift will support both ongoing program development and facilities.
  4. Academics
    Havergal offers a rigorous curriculum. Your investment in academics will support our students in learning new ways to express themselves with creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence through the provision of exceptional and innovative programming like Liberal Arts and STEM.
  5. The Arts
    The Arts play an integral role in developing students’ hearts and minds as part of a well-rounded education. Your investment in The Arts will help us to continue to provide depth to the educational experience for your children.
  6. Athletics
    From team sports to extensive athletic facilities, students have a variety of options to fine-tune their athletic skills in fun and challenging ways. Your investment in athletics will help us both sustain and grow our programming and facilities for students.
  7. Faculty Excellence
    Teachers are at the core of your child’s experience. Your investment in our faculty ensures sustained excellence in teaching and learning that is a hallmark of a Havergal education.
  8. Junior School Program & Place
    Your gift will nurture our youngest learners through accessible resources, age and stage-specific programs such as STEM and facilities designed for them.
  9. Environmental Sustainability
    Support the maintenance and stewardship of our outdoor spaces, including the Lisa Hardie Trail, Outdoor Classroom and the Burke Brook.

To see the impact our community has made read our latest Impact Report:

Your Gift is Priceless

Senior School Bursary Recipient

There are no words to describe how Havergal has changed my life… I hope to follow in your footsteps in helping a young woman achieve her goals and dreams!

Middle School Student

I love to learn and—through your generous donations—I have been able to do so at such a prestigious, well-rounded, amazing school like Havergal.

Senior School Bursary Recipient

I am so thankful for the sense of community and the support system at Havergal. It isn’t just a school, we are a family.

Middle School Bursary Recipient

I love the environment that Havergal provides because individuality is encouraged.

Senior School Student

The teachers at Havergal do their best to help their students reach their highest potential.