Portrait of a Graduate

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The Havergal graduate is a globally-minded, confident and resilient decision maker, able to adapt and thrive in complex and changing environments. Our graduates are self-directed, lifelong learners that are equipped to navigate a dynamic and uncertain world.

Attributes of a Havergal Grad

Globally Minded

Seek to understand issues and perspectives beyond their own experience, languages and culture, and use this knowledge to broaden their perspective globally. 


Practise empathy and understand that the views of others are vital to cultivating one’s own perspective and in taking action. Able to use language effectively to identify and describe feelings to better understand themselves.  

Future Ready

Prepared to work and play in a dynamic, uncertain world and understand the impact this can have on their own health, wellbeing, productivity and lifestyle. Have the knowledge and tools to be resilient and joyful. 

Flexible and Adaptable

Able to adopt new mindsets, hone skills and reflect upon their experiences, developing the resiliency to navigate challenges and thrive.

Self-Directed, Lifelong Learners

Possess the skills to embrace ambiguity and have experience solving real-world challenges using design thinking approaches. Sparked by curiosity, they are passionate lifelong learners who research effectively, read critically and apply rigorous thinking.

Inspired to Action

Equipped with the tools and mindsets to make decisions and act on issues, events, challenges and opportunities that they are passionate about, to help make the world a better place for all. 

Digital Navigators

Experienced using digital tools in healthy, creative and innovative ways to cultivate their relationships, identity and sense of belonging. Able to navigate challenges and pursue opportunities as active citizens in digital communities. 

Leaders with Integrity

Possess the values and ethics to lead from integrity and with confidence. Actions are guided by honesty, dignity, responsibility and respect for others.