HC-X is the innovation hub for the development and the delivery of future-ready teaching and learning.

Built with intention, HC-X is designed to support students and faculty through new contemporary programs and innovative learning experiences. As a lead-learning organization, we believe in providing the tools to adapt and thrive no matter what the future brings. Out of HC-X comes future-ready programming for students and parallel professional learning for our educators. HC-X leads Havergal’s digital ecosystem and digital tools integration, support and training.

Portrait of a Graduate

In a digitally-immersed world, Havergal graduates become alumni who focus on relationships and community building. They offer compassionate and courageous leadership and are able to authentically connect and inspire others. Creativity, reflective thinking and optimism are defining attributes. 

By building agency, supporting growth and celebrating the achievement of our students, Havergal empowers graduates to become global citizens, capable of learning, leading and working beyond the ivy walls. They demonstrate leadership and act as catalysts for change in their many pursuits. The Havergal graduate is future-ready.

Blended Learning

Our blended learning approach builds our students’ capacity for agency and to practise future-readiness. This formal education program combines online learning and supervised learning on campus. This integrated experience gives students more control over their learning and fosters increased independence.

Digital Wisdom

Digital Wisdom is a unique-to-Havergal course created to help our students develop skills, mindsets and approaches to safely and effectively thrive in a digitally mediated world. This course is offered to students in Grades 5 to 8 as an integrated program.


We work collaboratively with many partners to continuously review and optimize our HC-X program. These relationships allow us to peer-review through other educational institutions, expand our skills through professional learning opportunities, and continuously improve our programs through collaboration with technology leaders.

Professional Learning

Learning at Havergal is not limited only to students. HC-X is committed to continuously providing professional learning opportunities both internally and externally for all faculty. Faculty are encouraged to grow and share their skillsets by attending and presenting at conferences such as National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), Confernce of Independent Schools (CIS) Ontario, National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) and more. Professional Learning at HC-X is characterized by purpose and impact.