Blended Learning

At Havergal, we have evolved our learning experience to better suit the needs of students navigating a rapidly-changing digital culture. Blended learning deepens our Liberal Arts education to prioritize student agency through a combination of:  

  1. Independent learning through our digital ecosystem where students have age-and-stage appropriate control over time, place, path and pace; and
  2. In our classrooms through strong learning relationships with their teachers on campus.

Teaching Strategies for a Digital Culture

Teachers at Havergal have always planned instructional activities that promote active, engaged learning in their classrooms. By applying the practices of blended learning, teachers optimize the use of both digital tools and the relationships in the classroom environment by integrating them in order to increase student agency.

The Tools for Tomorrow

Our blended learning approach builds students’ capacity for agency and helps prepare them for the future. By being able to make decisions about when and how they learn, knowing themselves as a learner and how they collaborate with others and measuring their increased comfort and navigation of digital tools, they have the skills needed to excel beyond Havergal.