Athletics: Senior School

We believe that every student has the capability to engage in Havergal’s athletics program.

Our program has the breadth to meet the needs of a diverse group of students and the depth to challenge students at all stages of development. Through participation in athletics, students will develop the confidence to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, whether through elite or recreational sport, beyond their time at Havergal. Participation in sport contributes to the overall wellbeing and long-term athlete development of students.

For competitive sports, in Grade 9, the athletics program focuses on “training to train,” which develops physical capacities and athletic-specific movement, skills and fitness. The Grade 10 to 12 program centres around “training to compete,” which optimizes fitness preparation, sport/event specific skills and performance. This approach readies students for the next stage of athlete development, “training to win,” for full-time athletes at the post-secondary level. 

We also offer unique sports such as Nordic skiing and disc golf which may appeal to students who are not in a competitive stream yet still want to experience athletics. Additionally, many of our teams offer both a Division 1 and Division 2 offering to accommodate the varying interests and abilities of our students.


Athletics Overview

Havergal offers Senior School students a variety of options to participate in a range of physical activities. From team sports to extensive athletic facilities, students are able to fine tune their skills in fun and challenging ways. Havergal also recognizes the outside achievements of students. These accomplishments are highlighted in Gator Zone, our athletics newsletter, on social media and at the Junior School’s Beyond the Ivy Wall bulletin board.

A goalie in a hockey net with a player beside her, both wearing green and gold.

Intra-School Athletics

The goal of the intra-school athletics program is to provide a variety of opportunities for all students to stay active and develop a lifelong commitment to healthy, active living, while having fun. Our Senior School teams compete in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA). Senior school teams may qualify for the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association (OFSAA) championships. Students may participate in intramurals and other athletic events school-wide throughout the year.

An indoor pool wiht swimmers and green and gold flags hanging above the pool.


Havergal is fortunate to have extensive athletic facilities on campus including three playing fields, six outdoor tennis courts, single and double gymnasiums, a 25-metre swimming pool, a climbing wall and a Fitness Centre. Students also have access to off-campus facilities that include Hanlan Rowing Club on Lake Ontario, an arena and more.

Three rowers in a boat wearing Havergal green and gold.

Strength & Conditioning

Havergal has a full-time Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach available to athletes. The S&C Coach is responsible for establishing and maintaining a strength and conditioning program for the Rowing team as well as individual athletes. The three major goals of S&C are improving athletic performance, reducing athletic injuries and teaching lifelong fitness and movement skills.

Teams (U16 to U20)

Havergal offers the following teams to Senior School students.

  • Alpine Skiing: Open
  • Badminton: U16 D1, U20
  • Basketball: U16 D1 & D2, U20
  • Cross-Country Running: U16, U20
  • Curling: Open
  • Disc Golf: U20
  • Field Hockey: U16, U20 D1 & D2
  • Ice Hockey: Open
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Nordic Skiing: U20
  • Rowing: Learn to Row Fall (Open)
  • Rowing: Winter Training (Open)
  • Rowing: Spring Racing (Open)
  • Rugby: U20
  • Soccer: U15 D1, U20 D1
  • Softball: U16, U20
  • Swimming: U16, U20
  • Tennis: U16, U20
  • Track & Field: U16, U20
  • Ultimate Frisbee: U16, U20 (Co-Ed)
  • Volleyball: U16 D1 & D2, U20 D1 & D2
  • Yoga