The Arts: Senior School

Close-up of a student painting at an easel.

Playing a vital role as part of a well-rounded education, students learn skills from the arts that will help them be successful in whatever career they choose.

The Senior School arts program is an important part of the academic experience. It provides students with the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas, while allowing them to develop a unique skill set. Whether they are interested in pursuing a career in visual or performing arts, looking for a creative outlet or simply hoping to sharpen their skills, the arts program adds depth to a Havergal education.


Exploring Talents to the Fullest

At the Senior School, arts play an integral role in developing students’ hearts and minds. Havergal celebrates, honours and educates emerging artists in drama, dance, band, strings, singing, painting, sculpture and more. A team of passionate and committed educators—who are also artists in their own right—helps students express their creative selves in ways that can surprise them and their families. The Senior School art program encourages students to embrace the learning experience without fear of failure and prepares them for the future beyond Havergal.

A student sings and plays guitar on an outdoor stage.


Music holds a prominent place in the Senior School arts program and allows students to learn about themselves and others and build confidence and communication skills through performance. During the year, students have the opportunity to perform formally and informally, to compete at music festivals, experience music exchanges and attend the many exciting events taking place in the Toronto area. Senior School students can choose to partake in several vocal or instrumental music ensembles.

Students act in the play Into the Woods.


Students in the Senior School are encouraged to deepen their awareness of theatrical traditions, strengthen technical skills and broaden their ability to work creatively and collaboratively. The courses offered in drama follow a progression, where students learn basic drama skills and build an understanding of the characteristics of theatre through study and performance. The program is enhanced by student productions in class and by optional participation in plays presented in the fully equipped Legacy Theatre. Students are also invited to audition for Crescent School’s production, which provides an additional opportunity to perform in a full length play.

Six students perform at a dance show.


Senior School students have the opportunity to audition for the Dance Troupe and the Dance Team. Major events throughout the year include the Havergal Dance Show and CIS Dance Festival. Students challenge themselves by choreographing and performing routines, allowing them to explore their creativity and expression through music and movement.

Two students sit at a table together while painting.

Visual Arts

In visual arts, Senior School students encounter both theoretical and practical problems, which require them to make decisions and invent solutions. These skills enrich their ability to perceive and communicate ideas. This flexibility in thinking can be applied in many other areas of life. Students develop their creative and critical thinking skills and experience a sense of both achievement and fulfillment through their studies in design, art history and studio.