Global Learning & Leading Diploma


The Global Learning and Leading Diploma (GLLD) provides a distinguishing learning experience for students engaged in social innovation, social justice and global impact. Exclusive to Havergal, this diploma helps differentiate students to external institutions (post-secondary, employment, etc.) by recognizing their work in future-ready programming.

The focus of the GLLD  is on increasing global knowledge, skills and mindsets to appreciate, engage and thrive in the growing complexity of the world. Tackling contemporary challenges and big questions of our time through a broad lens, students are supported through a strong faculty mentor program. Understanding that learning is a life-long endeavour, participants will learn and implement cognitive and inquiry skills and research strategies to cultivate their learning capabilities. Participants will also develop an understanding of leadership and how to become an impactful leader. The GLLD is open for students in Grades 10 to 12. Students must apply and be selected into the GLLD.

Required Components

The GLLD program is grounded in mentorship with a strong cycle of discussion and feedback throughout the experiences, modules and research project. To this end, each participant is paired with a faculty mentor to guide their progress and learning.

There are significant experiential components (exchange, excursion and community partnership), leadership modules, as well as learning modules that students in the program must complete. The GLLD culminates in an online portfolio and major research project that students defend to a panel of educators and experts in the field.

The GLLD Graduate

The goal for students who pursue and complete the GLLD will, through the support of their mentors and programming, be inspired to develop six key characteristics.

Globally Minded

Students will understand actions, issues and perspectives from beyond their own lived experiences, language and culture, and be able to account for these differences in their own research and action.

Inspired to Action/Self-Directed, Lifelong Learner

Students will have the passion, tools and mindsets to take action with issues, events, challenges and opportunities to make the world a better place for all.

Practices Innovative Intelligence

Students will have the experience and skill set to embrace ambiguity and utilize design thinking approaches in their experiences.

Leans into Empathy

Students will be practiced in the art of empathy and will have an understanding that the perspectives of others is a vital part of research, cultivating one’s own perspective and in taking action. They are able to use effective language to identify and describe feelings and reflections to know themselves better as a learner.

Works with Flexibility & Adaptability

Students will be able to reflect on their ability to move away from rigid thinking, planning and behaviours and lean into change, difference and inspiration.

Leads With Integrity

Students will have an approach to leadership that comes from a place of integrity. Their actions are guided by honesty, dignity, responsibility and respect for others.