School Day

Middle School Schedule

The school day starts at 8:20 am and ends at 3:30 pm, except on Wednesdays when dismissal time is 3 pm, allowing students to participate with community involvement programs and other co-curricular activities. The school operates on an eight-day cycle, with four rotating periods per day. In this model, students attend the same subject every other day. Research shows this approach to be highly effective for girls.


Middle School Form

The Middle School is organized into Form classes that are an integral part of Middle School life. There are eight Forms per grade and each one has a designated Form teacher whose responsibility it is to know each girl and monitor and support her progress. Students meet in their Form classroom each morning for attendance and announcements. Representatives from each Form are elected to serve on the Middle School Council, and these students lead Form meetings and are responsible for ensuring participation of their Form in activities, community involvement initiatives and intramural sports.



Prayers brings our community together three times per week. It is a time when all Upper School students, faculty and staff gather to affirm our shared values, honour our Anglican roots and develop an understanding of our place in the world. We welcome our families to join us.


Food Services

Food Services at Havergal is exceptional. With an in-house team of chefs and bakers, there is a weekly menu of delicious and nutritious hot meals, an extensive salad and sandwich bar, along with daily soups, desserts, snacks, fruits and beverages available for purchase, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. The servery is also open for during breaks between classes and after school. To find out “What’s for Lunch” this week, click here.



Havergal chooses to have a uniform for a number of reasons: to denote pride in membership; and to signal that Havergal students will distinguish themselves in intellectual, athletic and artistic achievement, in service to others and in leadership to the Havergal College community, rather than by dress. Number One Dress (blazer and kilt) is worn weekly on Thursdays and on special occasions. At other times, girls may choose among several uniform options.