Grade 8 Overview

Grade 8 is a unique and exciting time, designed to celebrate, support and nurture students through developmentally-appropriate instruction, activities and opportunities, in and out of the classroom. They deepen their understanding of core concepts in each academic discipline and have the opportunity to support their ideas with evidence. 

Grade 8 students are considered leaders in the Middle School. Friendships are important at this age, as is figuring out their place in the world. They learn to balance increased responsibility with increased freedom, while still relying on support from adults to help them navigate this balancing act. During this time, students develop their independence, sense of self and personal identity, as well as their personal and academic toolkits in order to be well-prepared for the Senior School.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Attempt and participate in a variety of learning activities.
  • Accept various classroom roles and responsibilities. 
  • Take responsibility for their actions, with a focus on living Havergal’s values, and striving to contribute positively to their community.
  • Approach the opportunity to work and learn from others in a positive manner.
  • Develop the academic foundations and independence to transition with confidence to the Senior School.

Curriculum at a Glance

Grade 8 students experience a purposefully designed curriculum, offering a variety of dynamic learning opportunities. The robust academic program is taught by specialist teachers across classrooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, music, art and drama studios and the outdoors. This allows students to experience considerable academic rigor as they learn from their teachers and each other. They have increased academic goals and expectations for themselves. Grade 8 marks the conclusion of our Digital Wisdom course, which can be defined as the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to thrive in the digital era. This course focuses on identity building, perspective-taking and procuring a toolkit of skills and strategies.