Wellbeing: Middle School

A student pets a therapy dog in the gym.

At Havergal, wellbeing is woven into every aspect of a student’s development.

The wellbeing of our students underpins their academic success. Our comprehensive approach to wellbeing as well as our commitment to authentically knowing each student is vital to providing our students with the best education and support. We recognize the multifaceted nature of student wellbeing and address this by focusing on delivering proprietary, developmentally appropriate wellbeing programming across our school community which includes our students, teachers, parents, and community members. We focus on developing positive interpersonal relationships and supporting our students to maximize their learning as they develop into independent, self-aware and resilient individuals.


Dedicated to Wellbeing

The Middle School wellbeing program provides students with an intentional framework to develop skills and competencies to adapt to and embrace changing circumstances. The program centres on supporting students in building a personalized toolkit for wellbeing and familiarizing them with their wraparound support team. Our students learn tools that help to bolster the development of a healthy self-concept while strengthening their learning and academic performance.

Learning Skills & Strategies

At this developmental stage, students are expanding and refining their cognitive abilities and mental skills including working memory, flexible thinking and self-control. Our wellbeing program introduces students to fundamental cognitive execution skills such as planning, time management and organization, as well as self-regulation skills. Our school environment fosters a growth mindset: a belief in one’s capabilities that can be cultivated through personal effort and commitment. The foundations of a growth mindset are situated in our Middle School wellbeing program.

Three Middle School students stack coloured cups in their classroom.
Two students do a treetop ropes course at Kilcoo Camp.

Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is at the forefront of our comprehensive wellbeing strategy. We are committed to teaching students how to manage their health in a changing world through evidenced-based approaches to health promotion and health-management skills. Students are advised on topics such as sleep, holistic nutrition and basic life skills to help them manage their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Resilience & Growth Mindset

The ultimate goal of our wellbeing program is to equip students with a resilient and growth mindset. The positive outcome of these teachings are better social skills, positive attitudes and academic achievement gains. In Middle School, students are provided with personal coaching and support to help grow these skills as they experience greater independence and agency to making positive life choices.

A group of Middle School students and Grads play Twister in the Brenda Robson Hall.
The Chapel at the Upper School.

Spiritual Wellbeing

The Middle School meets twice per week in the Brenda Robson Hall for Prayers, which is a gathering of students, faculty, staff, and guests, with a foundation in our Anglican affiliation and structured in solemnity, where we observe spiritual and liturgical traditions in a contemporary way. As a school gathering, it prompts questions, deepens insights and celebrates our community, inviting each of us to reflect on these ideas and apply them to our own lives. We create opportunities for students from a variety of faiths to share their traditions, beliefs and cultures. Additionally, Religious Education is a compulsory program for students in Grade 7 and 8. The Religious Education course seeks to examine the structures and paradigms of religions—using Christianity as our template—as an aspect of global capability.