Grade 7 Overview

Grade 7 marks a time of considerable growth as students begin to focus more intently on who they are in the world, question their future direction and transition between friendship groups as their sense of self develops. With this in mind (and based on current research), we purposefully design learning experiences that promote the development of positive, healthy students. Our supportive and encouraging faculty and staff provide meaningful opportunities for students to try new things, navigate setbacks and celebrate success.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Take responsibility for their actions, with a focus on living Havergal’s values, and striving to contribute positively to their community.
  • Reflect on their learning and set and monitor progress towards their own individual goals.
  • Build healthy peer-to-peer relationships.
  • Learn with others to achieve a group goal and complete projects.
  • Develop confidence in their academic abilities.
  • Ask thoughtful questions.

Curriculum at a Glance

In Grade 7, dedicated instructional time is woven into each day for the development of the learning and organizational skills required for academic success. Students have access to an academic program taught by specialist teachers in classrooms, labs, gyms, music, art and drama studios and the outdoors. The focus is on learning concepts in depth to understand the big ideas that are important in a particular academic discipline. Additionally, Grade 7 students participate in a Digital Wisdom course, to learn and understand the forces shaping their digital identity, explore case studies and make decisions through experiential learning that require critical thinking.