Teaching & Learning: Middle School

A group of four students work on a science experiment.

A period of transition and growth where students are encouraged to follow their passions and learn to lead.

The Middle School program is an engaging and relevant experience for our students. Havergal offers rich and varied opportunities for students to pursue their passions and interests, which is critical for this phase of development. They also learn critical skills, such as digital wisdom and leadership, to ensure they’re future-ready. This special time of transition prepares them for the years ahead–both at Havergal and beyond. At Havergal, we are committed to helping young students develop a solid foundation of proficiency, with the resilience and inquisitiveness to think flexibly.

Continued Growth

An Important Tradition

The Middle School is designed to provide each student with the time and structure to explore and shape their emerging identity while also equipping them for the future. During this time, students are supported in their learning and are given increased agency. This structure creates an atmosphere of challenge, choice and variety.

A student in a science class looking at a laptop while writing in a notebook.

Developing Academic Foundations

The academic program in the Middle School is challenging, fun and varied in its approach. With many teachers dedicated to Grade 7 and 8 classes, a safe and respectful environment is created for learning, enabling students to push their academic boundaries and learn in new and creative ways. Each course enables students to develop higher-order thinking skills while acknowledging different learning styles. Classes provide time for inquiry-based and collaborative learning-both important approaches for students.

Two students looking at the monitor of a computer.

Thriving in the Digital Era

In our ever-changing world, the digital era offers unique challenges and opportunities. To ensure Middle School students thrive, we offer a Digital Wisdom course that focuses on identity building, perspective-taking and cultivating skills and strategies to navigate the various obstacles students experience in their lives. This course experience allows students to build their toolkits for lifelong digital citizenship.

Two students standing at a podium with a microphone, ready to speak.

Learning to Lead

Students are able and encouraged to develop their leadership skills through purposefully created opportunities. These range from formal opportunities like Middle School Council to informal opportunities like public speaking. The range of options both in and out of the classroom allows students to develop agency by having their voice heard and offering choice in how they can contribute meaningfully to their school community.