Middle School

Grades 7 & 8: Move into an Exciting Time of Transition

Middle School represents an exciting and special period of transition. The Middle School provides girls with the security of Home Forms and the room to grow within the broader Upper School (Grades 7 to 12). The program celebrates the emerging independent spirit of the adolescent girl. Our supportive and encouraging faculty and staff create opportunities for girls to try new things, navigate setbacks and celebrate success.

From the first day of Grade 7, each girl sees the possibilities that lie before her. She experiences a diverse academic program taught by specialist teachers in classrooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, music, art and drama studios, and the outdoors. Dedicated instructional time is woven into her program for the development of learning and organizational skills that research shows is correlated to academic success. The facilities, timetable and co-curricular opportunities create an atmosphere of challenge, choice and variety. Discover what student life is like in the Middle School.

The Middle School program is designed to provide each girl with the time and structure to explore and shape her emerging identity as she transitions from elementary into secondary school. It is an important period in a girl’s life where trusting relationships are developed with caring adults who are committed to knowing and supporting each girl as she develops her confidence and sense of self.

During Middle School years, parents collaborate with the school to support their daughter as she takes on more responsibility for her learning. While encouraging her growing independence, Havergal understands the importance of communicating directly with the parents throughout her time in Middle School.