Senior School Students

Senior School

Grades 9 to 12: Chart a Course for the Future

The Senior School prepares girls to envision a future where anything can be achieved. Through an increasingly expansive and diverse academic offering, each girl can pursue her interests and discover her passion.

As students progress through the Senior School, each girl has increasing choice and flexibility in the design of her program with the constant element being academic rigour. Havergal offers several Advanced Placement courses, exposing students to university-level material in their Grade 11 or 12 year.

Each student assumes increasing responsibility for the decisions that shape her future. She is guided and mentored by inspiring and experienced faculty and staff who ensure that all girls have a successful experience at Havergal. Mentoring relationships help Senior School girls expand their network and to connect to opportunities close to home and across the globe. As a result, each student acquires the confidence and initiative to find her own way.

Post-secondary planning plays an integral part of our Senior School program, through our Guidance and Teacher Advisor programs. Havergal students graduate as informed and responsive global citizens, ready to take the next step whether that is studying at a university in Canada or abroad or taking a path less travelled. In addition, with the arrival of international Boarding School students in Grade 9, the Senior School is enriched by the voices of girls who bring different perspectives and worldviews to Havergal.

Parents continue to be partners with the school in the educational journey of their daughters. Although the nature of the relationship changes over the years, the school ensures parents are kept informed about the options available to their daughters. As such, our graduates, with the support of their parents and the school, are empowered to chart their own course for the future. And of our graduates (100%) study at the university of their choice, including prestigious institutions around the world.

Additionally, students earn new skills and discover hidden talents with our wide variety of co-curricular programs. Learn more about student life at Havergal!