Teaching & Learning: Junior School

The foundation of a Havergal education begins with fostering a love for learning.

From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6, students are actively engaged in learning to discover who they are becoming and what they can accomplish. Havergal believes in sparking excitement to learn through exploration and self-discovery; learning experiences aren’t limited to classrooms. Spaces that inspire learning include gymnasiums, laboratories, music and art studios and the outdoors. Students benefit from a liberal arts education that is academically challenging, well-rounded and full of ways to express their creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

Find Your Spark

Preparing For the Future

Our approach to curriculum development and delivery draws upon the best contemporary and established educational approaches. Our liberal arts foundation fosters a mindset of inquiry and equips students to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. This is what sets Havergal and our students apart and prepares them for future success.

Staying Engaged

Our highly-qualified and committed faculty and staff know our students learn most effectively when they are engaged and interested. Our key educational strategies of guided inquiry, increasing self-direction and project-based learning spark discovery, foster resourcefulness and encourage cross-disciplinary thinking. As research in child development and education advances, our fluid and adaptive educational program allows us to select those approaches that best serve the learning needs of our students.

Discovering Potential

Starting from Junior Kindergarten, our youngest learners are nurtured and teachers continually monitor each student’s progress. Our students are challenged to make empowering choices and become architects of their own opportunities. At a young age, they develop a sense of who they are and how to connect with the world around them, growing into capable and agile learners with a repertoire of wellbeing tools and strategies.

Finding Their Voice

Each student is supported as they discover their unique voice and passions. They feel safe taking risks and know that their teachers understand and value them as individuals. Leadership skills are developed at every grade level and responsibilities increase with age and grade. There are many opportunities for each learner to explore both in class and through our co-curricular programs.