Student Life

Behind the ivy-covered walls of Havergal College, the school is bustling with energy, movement, music, laughter and fun. Although teaching and learning are at the core of the Havergal education, the school provides extensive co-curricular offerings focus on the development of the individual as a whole girl.

Our efforts focus on the importance of knowing each student as an individual and mentoring, monitoring and honouring her as she develops her academic, social and leadership capabilities. Every student (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12) is encouraged to develop leadership skills. As they progress through the grades, their leadership and level of responsibility will increase. As an integral part of student life, each student belongs to one of 10 Houses (cross-grade groups) and attends Prayers (a special time for reflection and celebration). Through formal school programs and student-led initiatives, we come together as a community, often times with older students mentoring younger ones, and create special friendships and connections. Each year, students attend grade excursions to allow classes, Forms and Houses to bond over learning activities and experiences, which are specifically designed to meet Havergal goals and needs. Students are encouraged to try new things and investigate new interests or ideas. Eventually, what starts as a spark transforms into passion.