Student Leadership

Havergal believes strongly that students of all ages should have opportunities to develop her voice, and in doing so, discover her ability to lead. Throughout her time at Havergal, a student is provided with informal and formal leadership roles arising from a “tap on the shoulder’, a call for volunteers, and/or elected roles.

Leadership opportunities are provided through the House System in many ways: Grade 6 students lead the Houses in the Junior School as they take on responsibilities for coordinating events such as Sports Day and House Prayers; Grade 12 House Captains lead their Houses in the Upper School in community involvement programs, sports and arts activities.

Student can volunteer for school leadership positions, such as the Havergal Welcome Committee and House Ambassadors. The Welcome Committee is an active volunteer group of Havergal students who take prospective students on tours of the school, greet special guests, speak about the Havergal experience and the Havergal community and serve as ambassadors for school functions. Students in Grades 7 through 12 can volunteer to be House Ambassadors, or House buddies, to our new students entering Havergal’s Upper School.

Grade 12 students set an example for the entire school and are encouraged to contribute to the student body as leaders through formal and informal leadership roles. Formal student leadership positions include: School Prefects, School Captain, House Captains, House Executive Committees, Club Heads, Community Partnership Leaders, Senior Year Grad President, Boarding School Junior Dons, Athletics and School Councils.