Old Girls

Havergal Old Girls are a vibrant network of over 9,500 accomplished women located in more than 70 countries around the world.  Old Girls carry out our school’s mission of “making a difference”, first introduced by First Principal, Ellen Knox, who posed the question “what are you going to do?”.   Havergal Old Girls are the living answer to this inspiring question, shaping the cultural, political, economic and academic landscapes of Canada and beyond.

* * *

“Being an Old Girl means that I am connected to a place that provided me with an excellent education and opportunities as well as a network of amazing women.”  Dale McIntosh 1992, HOGA Past President

 * * *

“Being an Old Girl and volunteering gives me the chance to meet so many women from so many other years than my own.”  Sarah Sedgwick Parry 1979, Past Annual Events Co-Chair

 * * *

“Being an Old Girl means being connected to the most valuable network of women who share a strong bond through mutual experience no matter what their age.”  Jennifer McCarthy Bidwell 1996, HOGA Past President

 * * *

Old Girls are part of a super-connected network with benefits that last a lifetime.  The Havergal Old Girls Association offers many programs, events and services that sustain and support the lifelong association between every Old Girl and the Havergal College Community.

Did You Know?

  • Since 1894 more than 9,500 alumnae have graduated from Havergal College.
  • Every student who attends Havergal for one year is considered to be a member of HOGA.
  • HOGA was established in 1920. The Havergal book club — known as the Coverley Club — was the forerunner of the alumnae association we know today.

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