Headshot of Maya Gupta.

Maya Gupta


McMaster University

Maya was a shy child who struggled with confidence in her co-ed classroom. She joined Havergal in Grade 3 because her parents hoped an all-girls environment would enable her to thrive, and it did. By Middle School, Maya was performing with the Symphonic Band and participating in the peer tutoring group Study Buddies. “Being involved in these co-curricular activities allowed me to meet people in different grades,” she says. In Grade 10, Maya and a friend were interested in leadership roles, so they co-founded the Food Club as a way to engage in different food-related activities, including collecting food donations for a local organization that supports youth experiencing homelessness.

Maya also became interested in raising awareness and supporting maternal health after completing a project on a subject in Grade 12 World Issues. “What drew my attention the most when it comes to maternal health is how high the mortality rate is for pregnant women in developing countries and how preventable these deaths are.” This passion led her to study health sciences, which she is currently pursuing at McMaster University. “I was always a quiet student, but the Havergal community continuously encouraged and supported me to try new things; it’s important to take advantage of that.”