Headshot of Daphne Yang.

Daphne Yang


University of California, Berkeley

Living on campus throughout her Havergal years, Daphne enjoyed the family-style, home-away-from-home feel of the Boarding School. An academic at heart, she appreciated Havergal’s challenging curriculum and teaching excellence. “Even though I’m pursuing biology at university, my favourite courses at Havergal were Philosophy, Computer Science and AP Calculus; they were very influential to me,” Daphne says. “In Philosophy, we learned to think about thinking. In Computer Science, I discovered the wonderful world of communicating with computers using a programming language. In AP Calculus, I was introduced to the abstract aspect of math.”

In addition to her academic interests, Daphne also has a passion for the performing arts. She has played the piano since the age of four and enjoys singing, especially with Havergal’s Senior and Chamber Choirs. She became Head of Beatstock, a music festival fundraiser for Havergal’s community partnerships, in her Grade 11 and 12 years. Currently, Daphne is studying molecular and cell biology and data science at the University of California, Berkeley. “My career goal is to combine biology, data science and business to solve real-life problems,” she says. Her advice for new Boarding students? “Immerse yourself within the Boarding experience and connect with the people around you; you’ll learn different ways of life from different parts of the world.”