The core curriculum in the Junior School includes a strong literacy, numeracy and social sciences program. Specialist classes include French, science, health and physical educational, visual arts and music. The purposeful integration of all subjects makes possible opportunities for students to frame big ideas, ask questions and develop understanding that connects learning to life experiences. This distinguishes Havergal’s Junior School program, along with the school’s exceptional educators.

Based upon the understanding that girls construct their own knowledge, the Junior School program is collaborative, interdisciplinary and inquiry-based. At Havergal, the development of spiritual and moral values is an essential part of character development. In addition, the program builds the skills and attitudes that foster curiosity, critical thinking, open-mindedness and resilience. This approach enables students to achieve an increasing depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding and prepares them for further learning in the Middle School.

Specialty Programs

  • French: The core French program uses the AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method) and its corresponding program, Histoires en action! Students in Grade 3 begin the Ontario French curriculum designed for Grade 4.
  • Music: Starting in JK, students participate in a strong music program that emphasizes both vocal and instrumental music.
  • Physical & Health Education: Through the program, students develop a love for physical activity, an awareness of healthy living habits, and enthusiasm for competitive and non-competitive play.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): The goals of the STEM program are to pique students’ interest and develop a deeper understanding of key scientific ideas and principles.
  • Visual Arts: Through the Visual Arts program, students will develop perceptual, problem-solving and critical thinking process, as well as fine motor skills through various techniques and media.