Orientation Week

Orientation week is full of new memories, new experiences and new friendships. A Grade 9 Boarding student reviews her first weeks of school…

Ever since I decided to come to Havergal, I looked forward to the day that I could call myself a Havergal student. As August came to an end, my anticipation and excitement grew. It was finally September 5: Move-In Day for Boarders. When I pulled up to the entrance of Havergal, all my nerves were set aside as a group of students (Prefects and Junior Dons) welcomed me and helped me unload my suitcases. At this moment, I realized that Havergal was going to be my new home for the next four years!

We entered the school and went upstairs to the Boarding School. I met my new roommate (she’s from the Caribbean, and she is so nice), and got settled in. That night, we had our first meeting with the whole Boarding School. We went over safety procedures and started to learn everyone’s names.

Then, all the new Boarders24 of ushad a chance to meet each other and to get to know the Residence Dons. Everyone was so friendly… we were on our way to becoming a family. The next day, I was so excited that I woke up early to register for classes and get my photo taken for the yearbook. Navigating the halls of Havergal for the first time was a bit confusing, but there were always helpful girls who pointed me in the right direction. That night was the Boarder Welcome Reception with our families. After speeches by the Principal and School Captain, I was ready to begin my year at Havergal. School orientation started on Wednesday at 8:20 am. I met my teachers (they are great) and attended various information sessions-very helpful.

The next couple of weeks flew byI joined the Debating Club and the Senior Choir. The Boarding School also ran special activities, including a boat cruise in the Toronto Harbour, an entertaining dinner at Medieval Times and trips to the Toronto Zoo and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Now that I’m all settled in, I’m enjoying Havergal’s facilitiesI can do my laps in the pool and practice the piano in the Music Tower. The school also keeps us well nourishedthe food here is awesome! And most importantly, I’ve made new friends in Boardingit’s like having 50 sisters! I have definitely found my new home.