Beyond the Classroom

At Havergal Boarding School, our students continue to learn and grow outside of school hours. With the Boarding Program, our students are able to take full advantage of the opportunities that living in a city as culturally rich as Toronto has to offer. This includes many trips to local tourist attractions and programs planned by Boarding staff and student leaders.

To help our students thrive, we also offer a variety of recreational programs that encourage everything from athletic ambitions to artistic pursuits. Boarders can choose to participate in anything they want, including fitness (from swimming to skiing), cultural events (museum visits, theatre, galleries), outdoor education and art classes (ceramics and pottery). We also offer study skills and time-management workshops as well as health and wellbeing seminars. Students are also able to suggest activities of interest and the Boarding staff work hard to incorporate these requests as they develop a full social schedule.

At Havergal, the learning never stops. Our Boarders have opportunities to continue developing their independence, self-reliance, confidence and leadership skills while being supported by the Boarding community.