Havergal’s mission is to prepare young women to make a difference.  This means an education that provides opportunities for students to embark on a path of collaborative discovery to:

  • Find and pursue their passions;
  • Engage in the world;
  • Develop their courage, creativity and leadership;
  • Become prepared for thoughtful engagement in their communities; and
  • Develop capacity to question with rigour and accuracy.

The hallmarks of a Havergal education are enriched, broad-based educational programs and rigorous academic standards, a stimulating and supportive learning environment and a strong community that fosters the qualities of leadership, good citizenship and integrity. These pillars of excellence prepare our graduates as leaders of the future and have positioned Havergal at the forefront of women’s education for more than 100 years.


Havergal’s Values & Vision

Exceptional schools are guided and fortified by inspiring values and a compelling vision. The values of integrity, inquiry, compassion and courage give direction to all our work, but also identify us as a community that strives for excellence and that incorporates the most promising of the new while building on the richness of the past. Havergal’s vision is to be a dynamic global leader inspiring the pursuit of wisdom and self-knowledge.


Enduring Values

A focus on our values makes us aware of the larger purposes that animate our daily life and work together.

Integrity – Honesty, dignity, responsibility and respect for others guide our actions. Self-respect is a key, allowing authenticity and the ability to be true to oneself.

Inquiry – Exploring, questioning and discovering guide our path of learning.

Compassion – We believe that kindness and caring are part of who we are and guide what we should do. A common humanity lies at the heart of our school.

Courage – We are not afraid to question the status quo and to be bold and tenacious in our pursuits and values.


Leading Vision

A dynamic global leader inspiring the pursuit of wisdom and self-knowledge.

  • Havergal College cultivates a strong passion for learning and an understanding of one’s self so that graduates live life to the fullest.
  • We build global capabilities in our students, empowering them to be effective and active contributors to society anywhere, anytime and in collaboration with anyone.
  • With more than 9,000 alumnae in over 60 countries around the world, our students have access to a network of established and accomplished Old Girls.