Strategic Framework

Setting Havergal’s Strategic Framework

After a challenging few years of managing COVID-19 impacts, we are excited to embark on a new cycle of planning that will establish future priorities and directions for Havergal. Currently, we are engaged in the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) reaccreditation process, which will help us uncover valuable insights for our school through a Self Study and Accreditation Review, such as strengths, areas for growth and future strategy. We look forward to building upon the knowledge gained from this assessment process to help shape our future as we support the next generation of leaders.

Our Process

A student studies in the Upper School.

In partnership with Berlineaton, a Canadian-based management consulting firm with extensive independent school experience, we will be working on three phases of strategic framework development from November 2022 through to June 2023.

  • Scan: Gathering research from both internal and external sources, data collection, community consultation and insights from our CAIS Self Study. Through a community-wide questionnaire and a combination of in-person and virtual focus sessions, we will collect student, employee, parent, Old Girl/alum, and governance feedback on our strengths and future priorities.
  • Articulate: Ensuring Havergal’s mission, vision and values are articulated in a common way amongst community stakeholders.
  • Define: Developing areas of strategic focus using Havergal’s vision and mission, along with our strengths and areas of opportunity.

Our Progress

Students in an art class work on their stone carvings.

Our journey to set priorities for Havergal’s future is off to a strong start. Berlineaton, our strategic planning partner, saw high engagement from our community consultations which demonstrates the remarkable care and commitment our stakeholders hold for our school. We are pleased to share our progress along this journey.

January 2023

  • Define phase begins.
  • Strategic Planning Workshops take place.
  • Review of key findings from scan phase.
  • Strategic priorities are determined.
  • Development of Strategic Framework.

December 2022

  • CAIS Accreditation Self Study report finalized and shared with Berlineaton.
  • Environmental Scan continues.
  • Research Phase continues.

November 2022

  • CAIS Accreditation Self Study report work continues, including consultation on report input for CAIS National Standards with Havergal College Parent Association (HCPA), Grade Representatives, Havergal Old Girls Association (HOGA) executive and Board of Governors. 
  • Community consultations via questionnaire.
  • Small group consultations with key stakeholders.
  • Environmental scan continues.
  • Research phase continues.

October 2022

  • CAIS Accreditation Self Study report work continues.
  • Planning & Priorities Task Force of the Board of Governors meetings to review timelines, community consultation and ensure synergy of work between CAIS Accreditation Self Study and Strategy Development Team.
  • Project Management Team meetings to set and monitor schedules, review consultation plans and oversee workflow.

September 2022

  • CAIS Accreditation Self Study report work, including ongoing discussion and response to CAIS National Standards in consultation with faculty and staff.
  • Engage Berlineaton to lead strategic framework development phases.