Students in the Rotunda

UNESCO Candidate School

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Associated Schools Project Network is made up of over 11,500 member schools in 182 countries. As a candidate school in the network, Havergal is committed to building and supporting the work and principles of UNESCO throughout the school. We do so by infusing world issues and the role of the United Nations (UN) into our curriculum and co-curricular programming and by working to create partnership programming with other schools in the Associated Schools Project Network to build the principles of peace and understanding. In this way, we are on track to becoming a full member school. Being on this journey demonstrates Havergal’s commitment to its own values, to developing global citizens who act in a responsible and ethical approach and to accepting the challenge of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the programs that we have in place that supports this work already are:

  1. Global Experience Program:
  2. Curriculum that builds understanding of the creation, development and sustainability of the UN and its different branches:
    • Canadian History (CHC2D)
    • Law (CLN4U)
    • World Issues (CGW4U)
    • Politics (CPW4U)
  3. Student leadership portfolios that align with and directly support the Sustainable Development Goals:
    • Forum for Change Prefect
    • Sustainability Prefect
    • Wellness Prefect
  4. Social Innovation Projects:
  5. Recognizing and honouring of some of the designated days and weeks of building understanding and celebration of UNESCO and UN designated days:
  6. As well as other days of recognition that build on the principles of peace and understanding:
    • Pride Week
    • Anti-Bullying Day
    • Wellness Week
    • Arts Week

For more information on the work that Havergal is doing with UNESCO please contact Garth Nichols, Vice Principal of Student Engagement & Experiential Development, at