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Run by the Havergal Old Girls Association Mentoring Committee, Light the Way: The Havergal Mentoring Program is designed to capitalize on the strength of the Old Girls Network. It offers a framework through which mentees can explore their potential, develop their interests and set strategies to realize their professional and personal goals. There are several dynamic programs currently offered:

  1. Career Conversations
  2. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  3. Career Networking Event
  4. HOGA LinkedIn

To learn more about Light the Way: The Havergal Mentoring Program, please contact Joanna Paterson, Director of Alumnae Relations, at 416-483-3519 ext. 6991 or jpaterson@nullhavergal.on.ca.


Participate – Become a Mentor

Guide. Counsel. Your life experiences can help an Old Girl through her professional journey. Help a mentee explore her career options and identify goals that will move her forward in her profession. Our mentors are drawn from a broad network of experienced professionals across the Havergal Old Girls community.

Apply to be a mentor on Connections.


Looking for a Mentor?

Learn. Grow. Develop a relationship with a fellow Old Girl who can help you explore your potential, develop your interests and help you set a strategy to realize your goals. Program participants are Old Girls who have graduated with post-secondary education.

Apply to be a mentee on Connections.

General Information about the Mentoring Journeys process:

  • Mentoring applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • The online applications become the personal profiles of the Mentors and Mentees.
  • The Mentoring Committee screens potential Mentors and Mentees; matches are made based on interests of Mentees and industry experience of Mentors while considering availability and proximity.
  • Participants are emailed their matches’ profiles.
  • Participants accept their matches and are provided with contact information.
  • At different intervals of the mentoring process, members of the Mentoring Committee check in with pairs and Mentors and Mentees complete a program evaluation, surveys and feedback forms.


1. Career Conversations

Professional Conversations connect Old Girls in their chosen profession with fellow Old Girls who are just starting out and seeking advice on the kind of education or training required for the profession. It also connects Old Girls seeking advice about a possible career move.

Student Conversations connect Old Girls in their chosen profession with Grade 12 students who are seeking advice about career choices, universities and other programs.

These connections are generally limited to one or two conversations or contact in person, by phone or by email and are arranged through the Old Girls Office upon the request of an Old Girl or Grade 12 student.


2. Take Your Daughter to Work Day

The first Wednesday in November is Take Your Child (Daughter) to Work Day, a mentoring opportunity for Grade 9 students. Old Girls and members of our current and past parent communities have generously provided placements for Boarding and day students who need placements or who are looking to learn more about a particular field of interest.


3. Career Networking Event

Havergal hosts a Career Networking Event for Grades 11 and 12 students every other year during the month of April. This unique event is based on the popular concept of speed dating. Havergal students are linked with industry leaders from business, medicine, media, arts, law, science, government and other sectors. The girls can speak face-to-face with members of Havergal’s community about career-related interests and journeys, and gain exposure to careers which they might not have otherwise considered. Pairs of mentors host a series of rotating groups of students. It is a fun, activity-filled morning. The next Career Networking Event takes place in April 2019.


4. HOGA LinkedIn

Reconnect and network through the Old Girls Online Community. Consider joining Havergal’s LinkedIn network. To join the group, search Havergal College Old Girls. You can then search for Old Girls with similar backgrounds and/or exchange information.