Committees & Volunteering

Havergal College values its Old Girls involvement. Bring your experiences and professional expertise and support the work of our HOGA committees. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to build upon your professional network, or a seasoned professional seeking new experiences, there is a HOGA Committee for you!

Old Girls who volunteer for Havergal not only help others, but also themselves, through stronger personal and professional networks, résumé-building and life-enhancing experiences.

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HOGA Committees

Alumnae Engagement Committee

The mandate of this committee is to deliver not only programs, but tools to maximize engagement among Old Girls, and between Old Girls and Havergal.


Annual Events Committee

Develops and delivers programs for the general HOGA membership, including class reunions, the Grandchildren’s Party, the Old Girls Annual Dinner, Cinquantenaire and Stoneager events, and athletic events.


Career and Education Committee

The Career and Education Committee deliver a strategy and associated programs in support of networking, mentoring, experiential learning, workshops, seminars and speakers.


Class Reps Committee

Organizes a dynamic reunion program for Old Girls, held every fall in Toronto, and engages Class Reps as Havergal ambassadors and a link between HOGA members and Havergal. We are looking for volunteers both near and far who would be interested in sitting on this committee or volunteering for events organized by the committee, including Reunion Weekend activities – Old Girls Welcome Desk and the Reunion Cocktail Party. Finally, this committee plays a key role in identifying and selecting the Old Girl Life Achievement Award and the Dr. Susan Ditchburn Young Alumna Award.


Community Committee

Develops and delivers programs in support of liaison between HOGA, Havergal, and Havergal’s community partners. An example of these partners is the Havergal College Parents’ Association.


Governance Committee

Monitors and facilitates the healthy development and governance process of HOGA and its by-laws. The Governance committee plans the succession of HOGA and recruitment to the directorate, as well as evaluation of the directorate’s effectiveness, such as the reporting on KPIs. This committee also maintains a link to the Havergal Board of Governors, by nominating a committee member to the Board.


Publications Committee

Coordinates and continually develops material for print and electronic publications, including Chronicle, Torch and Connections. It develops a theme and co-ordinates these publications with the support of the Advancement & Community Relations Office.


Social Media Committee

Develop a strategy and material for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) relating to the Havergal Old Girls’ Association (HOGA). The members of this committee will identify and leverage opportunities to communicate about HOGA and Old Girls to the Havergal community, using social media.


Volunteer Now

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Old Girls Office at 416-480-6524 or oldgirls@nullhavergal.on.ca. For interested Old Girls, who do not live in the area, we encourage and accommodate your involvement on Committees via teleconferencing