Class of 2014

Congratulations to the 120 students of Havergal’s graduating Class of 2014 who have chosen to attend universities both in Canada and abroad. The Class of 2014 was offered in excess of $1.3 million in both renewable and non-renewable scholarships. We wish them the best of luck in their areas of study.

Meet Some of our Graduates

Rachelle Li

Western University, Biomedical Science & Music

Rachelle, a gifted violinist, joined Havergal in Grade 4. The school provided an enriched environment for her to develop into a well-rounded student while at the same time supporting her musical talents. Her involvement at the school included participating on various sports teams and community partnerships, being a member of Student Council and the Welcome Committee and playing in the school’s orchestras and chamber music ensembles. She was School Captain in her graduating year, representing and leading the student body with confidence and enthusiasm. Outside Havergal, Rachelle was a member of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra and The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists. Upon graduation, she received the J. Herbert Mason Medal, which is Havergal’s highest honour awarded for character. Rachelle is currently studying Biomedical Science and Music at Western University.


Shivani Nathoo

University of Toronto, Engineering Science

Havergal was the perfect school for Shivani because it allowed her to realize her full potential by providing her with a risk-tolerant environment in which she could try many things. For example, she is grateful that she had the opportunity to perform on stage in her drama classes, to discuss issues with the debate team and to engage in compelling math and science classes. She was Co-Head of Beatstock, a student-organized music event in support of one of the school’s community partners, and also a member of the Chamber and Senior Choirs and the Environment Club. Outside of school, she dedicated her time to singing in the Upper Canada Chorus. Shivani continues to pursue her love of music outside of school while she studies Engineering Science at the University of Toronto and explores a future in fuel cell technology, an interest that was enriched during her involvement with Havergal’s Environment Club.


Jane Park

Rhode Island School of Design, Art

With a passion for the visual arts, Jane was appreciative of Havergal’s outstanding art program and talented Arts faculty. She enjoyed exploring the variety of traditional and non-traditional media such as painting, photography, printmaking, sculpting and multimedia. As Art Club Head in her senior year, she developed leadership skills by organizing various arts-related activities and by guiding fellow art students. A highlight of her senior year was having one of her paintings (which she donated) purchased at a charity art auction in support of one of Havergal’s community partners. Jane felt great satisfaction in helping others through her artistic expression and hopes to have other opportunities to give back through her art. She is currently studying art at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she plans to focus on textile design.


Mikaela Preston

University of Pennsylvania, VIPER Program

By age 17, Mikaela was a published scientist in the Canadian Young Scientist Journal for her independent research on renewable fuel. At the Canadian Wide Science Fair in 2014, she received several medals-including the Gold Medal for Scientific Excellence and a Manning Innovation Award-for her work on biohydrogen fuel, which, she says, she could not have accomplished without the support of her teachers at Havergal. When she wasn’t at her home laboratory, Mikaela could be found on the slopes with the school’s snowboarding team or discussing important issues with the debate team. In fact, her love of debating led her to create and lead a Middle School Debating Club in Grade 12. Today, she is studying sustainable energy science and engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in the exclusive Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) program.


Heather Sigurdson

Harvard University, Liberal Arts

In her graduating year, Heather was the recipient of both the Senior Athlete of the Year as well as the Suzanne Curtis Memorial Trophy at Havergal, which is awarded to a student who has achieved athletic excellence in many sports, standing above all other athletes in the school. During her nine years at the school, she became a diverse athlete as she played on the field hockey, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, hockey and softball teams. Heather took on the role of Sports Prefect in her senior year, which helped her to develop leadership skills by organizing sports-related events and helping other students refine their athletic skills. Outside school life, she played volleyball with the Leaside Volleyball Club. Heather is currently studying Liberal Arts at Harvard University, where she was recruited to play on the school’s NCAA Division 1 Volleyball team.


Emma Smith

Queen’s University, Commerce

As a member of the Welcome Committee, Emma gave tours to families interested in Havergal, explaining to them that attending the school was the best choice she ever made. Having joined Havergal in Grade 4, she was involved in a wide variety of sports teams including soccer, track and field, softball, volleyball, swim and tennis. She was the Margaret Taylor House Captain in her graduating year and a key member of Student Council. Emma appreciated her time at Havergal for the leadership opportunities, the support and mentorship she received from her teachers and the excellent athletics program, which allowed her to develop her athletic skill. Emma is currently at Queen’s University in the Commerce program and playing on the Queen’s Gaels Soccer Team.


Kendra Wong

King’s College London, Medicine

Kendra took full advantage of the Havergal experience during her 12 years at the school. She participated in various clubs and music ensembles, including the band and orchestra, and was a member of the swim team and Student Council. In her graduating year, she was Student Council Prefect and Co-Head of Beatstock, a student-organized music event in support of one of the school’s community partners. Kendra participated in two of Havergal’s Global Experience excursions, which gave her an international perspective that helped her to solidify her decision to pursue a career in healthcare. Kendra also volunteered with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and earned a Gold Award through the Duke of Edinburgh’s program for community involvement. She is currently studying medicine at King’s College London.