Annual Giving Program

Culture of Giving

Annual giving is an important source of financial support for curriculum enrichment, financial assistance, special projects and many other initiatives that make our academic, athletics, arts and music programs unique. Each year, members of the school community are asked for their support.

Each generation of Havergal students have benefited from the generosity of past supporters. By making your annual gift, you are advancing our culture of giving and ensuring that our girls have an enriching experience while at Havergal. Participation is in many ways as important as the amount given; a sense of community is strengthened when everyone gives and feels invested in the school’s mission.

With your annual gift, we can inspire young girls to explore their passions. Each gift makes a difference.

Gifts can be directed to specific areas or to the Havergal College General Fund for important projects identified by administration each year.


Did you know?

  • All members of the Havergal community are asked to make a contribution.
  • Havergal’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
  • All gifts of $25 or more receive a charitable tax receipt.
  • The average gift amount is $1,492.
  • All Havergal donors are recognized in our Annual Report.
  • 57% of parents donated in 2018-19.


The impact of your gift

Your donation is integral to Havergal’s sustainability. Your support impacts every student, every day. Here are some examples of donations in action:

  • Enhanced learning spaces offer more flexible learning environments.
  • Bursary support makes a Havergal education more accessible for qualified students who could not otherwise afford to attend.
  • Upgraded equipment and quality resources strengthen our Athletics, Arts, Drama and Music programs.
  • Guest speakers are experts in their fields who can expand the reach of the classroom.
  • Professional development for teachers encourages innovation.