Kindergarten Overview

Children have an innate sense of curiosity about the world. The two-year Kindergarten program at Havergal College is informed by this knowledge, and anchored by areas of learning that align with the ways in which young children naturally grow and develop. Through intentional and guided play-based learning and intentional inquiry, your child will discover a sense of belonging as they connect with peers, community and the world. They will become more familiar with self-regulation as we help foster empathy and emotional awareness, basic language and communication skills and a solid foundation for problem solving and adapting to change. Furthermore, we will constantly strive to empower your child to tap into the natural sense of wonder that inspires a lifelong love of learning.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Foster a sense of belonging and connectedness to others.
  • Promote self-regulation through recognizing feelings, modeling empathy and adapting to change.
  • Communicate thoughts and feelings through gestures and words.
  • Develop collaborative and individual problem-solving skills in all aspects of life.
  • Demonstrate literacy and basic mathematical concepts.

Flow of the Day

Each day, educators consider “why this learning, for this child, at this time and this way,” as they guide students through their individual and collective learning experiences. From music, art and outdoor play, to literacy, math and French, your child will be given a variety of opportunities to practise the skills they acquire over the course of the year in a fluid, intentionally designed and age-appropriate curriculum.