Grade 4 Overview

In Grade 4, students learn self-awareness and self-monitoring skills to help them understand their strengths and needs and how to use coping skills to respond to various challenges. They will learn to apply social skills to interact positively with others and be an effective team member. Through the curriculum, they will learn to make connections in cultural contexts, plan and set goals, solve problems and make good decisions. 

Students in Grade 4 become more aware of social relationships and question how the world works. There is growth in resilience, curiosity, character and growing independence. Fairness begins to matter more in this grade and friendships become increasingly important.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Continue to develop curiosity about how the world works.
  • Develop their individual personalities; likes and dislikes become more evident.
  • Develop a more sophisticated language when reading and writing and are able to “read to learn.”
  • Develop their powers of persuasion and negotiation in respectful ways. 
  • Demonstrate increased fine and gross motor skills.

Curriculum at a Glance

Oral communication, French and mathematics become more advanced this year and our goal is to ensure your child is ready to take on each class with resilience and an enthusiasm for learning. In Health and Physical Education class, students learn about the changes that occur during puberty and about good hygiene. A robust arts and music program encourages students to create, reflect and analyze with confidence. Students learn to play a variety of instruments and explore different cultural music-making traditions, genres and styles of music as they explore the world they live in. They use their reading and writing skills to understand the concepts in science and social studies, preparing short but detailed reports with growing independence.