Grade 3 Overview

Grade 3 is a year of increased exploration, imagination and a sense of limitless enthusiasm and growing confidence. Students begin applying their reading, writing and mathematics strategies in more complex and diverse ways. As they consolidate what they’ve internalized in previous grades and continue to develop their independence and thinking skills, they learn to engage in increasingly more complex tasks. Students develop a generalized understanding of quantity, operations and proportional relationships. They apply their mathematical understanding to solve problems in flexible ways. Students begin to understand the concept of historical events and how those events impact the present. Friendship is important at this age and student friendships often change.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Apply and synthesize knowledge acquired in previous grades.
  • Develop strong problem solving skills that can be applied in multiple areas.
  • Manage themselves and their learning with increased independence. 
  • Develop their growing sense of the importance of living the school’s values in their everyday activities.
  • Develop increasing social skills when interacting with others.

Curriculum at a Glance

Through language arts, students refine their ability to actively listen to others and to understand what is being said and how to respond appropriately. Students apply their reading skills on more complex and longer texts. They develop as writers and are able to generate, gather and organize their ideas and information more independently and have greater stamina and interest. 

Our math program continues to develop the idea that mathematics is a language that describes the quantitative world. Students explore mathematical ideas through guided lessons. In Science, they learn about life systems, matter and energy and build simple machines. Students in Grade 3 are working on Grade 4 French and expanding their ability to speak, listen and write in short sentences.