Grade 2 Overview

In Grade 2, students work to consolidate and expand on the basic academic and social skills skills they developed in Grade 1. Our program is designed to meet the differing needs of each child. Students will continue to develop their ability to listen to others in order to understand what is being said, as they learn to respond appropriately in different situations. Students are given opportunities to develop problem-solving strategies, think flexibly and logically and communicate their ideas clearly and succinctly in words and pictures. As they become stronger readers and writers, they are able to express their ideas with increasing sophistication.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Foster their developing sense of responsibility towards others and how to make friends.
  • Improve their ability to manage themselves, their materials and their social relationships. 
  • Incorporate more inquiry-based activities focused on collaboration and problem solving.
  • Develop their expanding vocabulary and appreciation for word meaning. 
  • Develop the ability to apply literacy and numeracy skills independently in other subject areas.
  • Continue to use manipulatives to express their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Curriculum at a Glance

From media literacy and oral communication, to math, French and science, each student will be given opportunities to build on their learnings and apply them to real life in an age-appropriate way. Learning about heritage and identity, as well as active living and the arts, all provide a well-rounded foundation for your child. Daily communication opportunities in the classroom include speaking to the whole class, in small groups and one-on-one, helping to foster their ability to express themselves confidently in preparation for future grades.