Athletics: Junior School

Students high five at U12 Volleyball game.

At Havergal, we believe that every student has the capability to engage in our Athletics Program.

Our program has the breadth to meet the needs of a diverse group of students and the depth to challenge students at all stages of development. Through participation in athletics, students will develop the confidence to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, whether through elite or recreational sport, beyond their time at Havergal.


Athletics Overview

Havergal’s Athletics department offers three distinct programs at the Junior School, including Squads, Squad Teams and Teams. The goal of the athletics program is to provide a variety of opportunities for all students to stay active and develop a lifelong commitment to healthy, active living, while having fun. The school also has a robust intramural program from Grades 1 to 6.

Squads (Grades 1-3)

Squads are available to students in Grades 1 to 3. This non-competitive athletics program is focused on developing the FUNdamentals of sport. Squads include:

  • Cross-Country
  • Multi-Sport (Grades 1 & 2, Grades 3 & 4)
  • Soccer (Grades 2 & 3)

A Junior School student throws a green ball in the gym.
Team photo of the U10 Soccer Squad Team.

Squad Teams (Grades 4-6)

Squad Teams are available to students in Grades 4 to 6. Students in this program begin training according to more formalized methods with an emphasis on sports skills, including basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. The season ends with a friendly round robin play against other schools in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA). Squad Teams include:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Pickleball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball

Teams (Grades 4-6, U10, U11 & U12)

Teams are available to students in Grades 4 to 6. The emphasis is on teamwork and skill development. The Teams practice two times per week and regular games scheduled with the other CISAA schools. Teams Include:

  • Basketball: U11 (Grade 5), U12 D1 & D2 (Grade 6)
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Hockey: U12 (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Soccer: U12 (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Softball: U12 (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Swimming: U12 Fall & Winter (Grades 5 & 6)
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball: U11 (Grade 5), U12 D1 & D2 (Grade 6)
A Junior School student prepares to serve a volleyball.