Headshot of Mathilda LaBrash-White.

Mathilda LaBrash-White


University of Waterloo

Biomedical Engineering

Living in Boarding for three years was a formative time for Mathilda, whose hometown is a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto. “My mom was also a Boarder at Havergal and she always talked about how it was a pivotal point for her in becoming an adult and maturing,” she recalls. Her grandmother was the first in the family to attend Havergal, graduating from the Day School in 1959. It didn’t take long for the Boarding School to feel like Mathilda’s second home, a place where she felt safe exploring different interests. She joined the Field Hockey and Curling Teams; played flute in the Symphonic Band; volunteered as the Photography Coordinator for school yearbook; and took on leadership roles such as Boarding Junior Don and Head Junior Don.

Mathilda is currently attending the University of Waterloo for Biomedical Engineering. “I love that it combines my two favourite sciences: biology and physics.” She hopes her career takes her to different places around the world, where she can help people with their medical needs. She also aspires to give back to Havergal through bursary and scholarship support. “Education is an important pillar, especially for women, and I’d like to help others benefit the way I did.”