Headshot of Marley Melbourne.

Marley Melbourne


Stanford University

Liberal Arts

Starting Havergal in Junior Kindergarten prepared Marley to lead as School Captain with a strong sense of community and responsibility. “It’s all about service leadership and helping the people around you,” she explains of her work ethos. Born into a family of Havergalians (her mother and aunts are also Havergal graduates), Marley understood the benefits of making the most of her time on campus. She got involved with the Forum for Change in the Junior School, which ignited in her a passion for community service that continued into the Upper School. This included participating in Havergal’s Global Learning and Leading Diploma, a multi-year certificate program that focuses on social justice work and outreach.

Outside of school, Marley is often exploring the world of business through internships in industries such as fashion and interior design. During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, she found success in creating an e-zine focused on social justice issues, with submissions from student writers from around the world. Today, Marley is a part of the entrepreneurial culture at Stanford University, where she is learning more about management science engineering and economics, ready to discover where her ambition will take her next.