The Arts

Since 1894, Havergal College has been committed to providing a strong liberal arts education for its students. The arts are valued and thrive at Havergal. Playing a vital role as part of a well-rounded education, the skills students learn from the arts – including creativity, confidence, problem-solving, collaboration and dedication – are ones that will help them be successful in whatever career they choose.

Throughout a student’s experience at Havergal, she is able to explore a broad range of the Arts including dance, drama, music and visual art. At all grades, instruction and direction is provided by specialist teachers or practicing artists who possess a depth of knowledge, a genuine desire to inspire a love the arts in others and continued practice in their field.

The entire Havergal community celebrates the accomplishments of students at exhibitions, music recitals and concerts and drama and dance performances, including those written and directed by students, throughout the year.


The Arts at the Junior School

Students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 experience the full spectrum of the Arts including dance, drama, instrumental music (Orff, band and strings), visual art and vocal music. Guided by teachers and instructors who have specialized in their craft, each girl is provided with a creative means of finding her unique voice. The curricular program extends outside of class where students, through various ensembles and clubs, can enhance her development as an artist.

Junior School Arts Opportunities

  • Ballet, ABT and RAD
  • Clubs (vary from year to year): Art/Crafts, Carpentry, Karaoke, Zodiactors, Performing Dancers Club
  • Instrumental Music Ensembles: Band, Strings
  • Musical Theatre
  • Vocal Musical Ensembles: Primary Choir, Junior Choir


The Arts at the Upper School

At the Middle School and Senior School, students’ can continue their journey in the Arts. Havergal’s curricular and co-curricular programs in music, performing arts and visual arts are outstanding, providing students with the opportunity to explore their individual talents to the fullest, to learn valuable life skills and to gain a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Throughout the year, the entire Havergal community celebrates the accomplishments of students at exhibitions, recitals, concerts and performances, including those written and directed by students. Many student-led arts initiatives are also held throughout the school year, showcasing their talents with the wider community.

Middle and Senior School Arts Opportunities

  • Clubs (vary from year to year): Anime, Art, Drama, Improv, Knitting, Origami, Quilting
  • Vocal Music Ensembles: Middle School Choir, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Choir
  • Instrumental Music Ensembles: Cello Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Double Quartet, Senior Orchestra, Stage Band, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra
  • Drama: Havergal Youth Theatre, Senior School Production, One Act Plays, Docudramas,
  • Dance Troupe (Dance Show)


The Visual Art Program

For many students, Havergal’s Art program is an important part of their academic experience: it gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas through a variety of media, while allowing them to develop a unique skill set. Whether they are interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts, looking for a creative outlet or simply hoping to sharpen their design skills, the program adds depth to students’ studies at Havergal.

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