Health & Wellness

Havergal College considers the health and wellness of students, as well as faculty and staff, to be a priority. The goal of being a health-promoting school is a key tenet, in fact, of the Havergal 2020 Strategic Plan. The school has adopted five proactive strategies as part of a framework of support:

  1. Positive school community,
  2. Social and emotional learning for students,
  3. Parenting support and education,
  4. Practices designed to promote early intervention for challenges; and
  5. A model of “wrap-around” support for students who are in need support and/or assistance, known as the Student Support Team (SST).

The well-developed and tested framework of student support takes into consideration physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional domains of a student’s life.

The Student Support Team, a cross-school group consisting of distinct roles and responsibilities, ensures the school is able to meet the needs of students in all domains of health and wellness. Havergal faculty and staff SST members include the Vice Principal Teaching & Learning, Vice Principal Student Experience & Experiential Development, Heads of Schools (Junior, Middle and Boarding), Athletic Director, Department Head of Health & Physical Education, Dean of Senior School Students, School Chaplain, Department Head of Guidance, Social Worker, Director of Food Services, Learning Support Specialists (Junior and Upper Schools) and a Registered Nurse. These caring individuals are complimented by outside professionals retained by the school on a case-specific basis that includes Academic and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physicians (Family Practice and Psychiatry), and Speech and Language Pathologists.


Food Philosophy

Learn about our Food Philosophy, an important part of health and wellness at Havergal College: