Health & Wellness

Havergal College considers the health and wellness of students, as well as faculty and staff, to be a priority. The goal of being a health-promoting school is a key tenet, in fact, of the Havergal 2020 Strategic Plan. The school has adopted five proactive strategies as part of a framework of support:

  1. Positive school community,
  2. Social and emotional learning for students,
  3. Parenting support and education,
  4. Practices designed to promote early intervention for challenges; and
  5. A model of “wrap-around” support for students who are in need support and/or assistance, known as the Student Support Team (SST).

The well-developed and tested framework of student support takes into consideration physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional domains of a student’s life.


Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) is made up of a diverse group of Havergal faculty and staff from the Junior and Upper Schools who are responsible for overseeing the umbrella of student support services that place students at the centre of their care. These people are available to guide a student through her school experience and, in particular, assist her in managing academic, social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs. Havergal’s approach to supporting the wellness needs of students is to establish a circle of care that places the student at the centre. SST members work closely with students to help them navigate, manage and resolve different kinds of challenges they experience as they progress through the school. This approach is student-centric and case-specific whereby the composition of the circle of care team providing support is uniquely established. In this model, a circle of care team is comprised of people in proportion to the specific needs presenting for a student. Every circle of care team has a designated leader who assumes responsibility for managing the case and communicating to parents.