Strategic Plan

Our Vision is Limitless: 2015-2020

We are very pleased to officially launch Havergal 2020: Our Vision is Limitless, our new strategic plan for the next five years. After much consultation and dialogue with our community, we have embraced an innovative path forward as we advance teaching and learning, develop our resources, and enhance many aspects of school life.

Building on Culture of Capability, our previous plan, Havergal 2020 is aspirational in outlook. It honours the work of educators and focuses on the business of the school as a community enterprise. Placing lifelong learning and the path to self-knowledge at the centre, our educational strategy aims to develop in every student their genuine expression of themselves and their moral and intellectual individuality.

At Havergal, we believe that if we are to prepare our girls to make a difference in today’s world, we need to be guided by our core values: integrity, inquiry, compassion, and courage. We also need to deliver an inspiring and connected student experience, and to support educational excellence and institutional sustainability.

To learn more about the plan, visit HAVERGAL2020.CA.


Culture of Capability: 2009-2014

Click here to view Havergal College’s final report on its previous Strategic Plan, Culture of Capability, which details its impact on the school, as an educational institution as well as on its community, as evidenced through stories of its success. The Culture of Capability focused on what is at the heart of the school — students, faculty and staff. The plan encompassed two overarching goals: self-efficacy, a person’s belief in her ability to accomplish a task, realize a goal or deal with any of life’s challenges, and global capability, which is defined as the ability to be effective anywhere, anytime and with anyone.