The academic program in the Middle School is challenging, fun and varied in its approach. The Middle School program is taught by teachers who love their subjects and are engaged in the life of the school. Teachers, many of whom teach only Grade 7 and 8 classes, create safe and respective environments for learning, enabling students to push their academic boundaries and to learn in new and creative ways. Each course is designed to enable students to develop higher-order thinking skills while acknowledging different learning styles. The 70-minute classes provide time for inquiry-based and collaborative learning-both important approaches for girls.

The Middle School curriculum includes courses in:

  • English
  • Guidance (Academic Skills, Social and Emotional Learning, Executive Function Skills)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages: French
  • Mathematics (Core and Reach Ahead)
  • Performing Arts: Drama, Band, Strings and Vocal Music
  • Religious Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Visual Arts

For a curriculum overview and program and course information, please see the Academic Course Calendar.


Learning Support for Success

Havergal College provides a web of support for all learners. The school has developed a tiered approach to learning support. We recognize that all students have a unique learning style. By differentiating instruction and understanding different learning needs, teachers create nurturing and welcoming learning spaces for students to be successful. Regular grade-specific progress meetings ensure all students are monitored throughout the year.

Some students require additional support to develop specific strategies and approaches tailored to their learning needs. This support is provided by Learning Support Specialists who work with the student and her teachers to facilitate her success.

A few students have identified learning needs requiring instructional and/or assessment accommodations. The Learning Support Specialists help make this possible. Working collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and at times, outside service providers, an individual education profile is created that guides the support for the student.

Our Middle School Guidance Counsellor oversees and tracks the academic progress of each girl. Knowing each girl individually, the Guidance Counsellor is a patient and caring touchstone. Our Middle School Head oversees and tracks the co-curricular involvement of each girl and ensures that she gets to know the girls.