Wellness is defined differently by each one of us. For some, the pursuit of wellness involves a focus on physical activity and health. For others, it is about finding balance, living in the moment and practising gratitude. Still others equate wellness and, in fact, happiness, with success and the achievement of goals related to education, career and family.

My guess is that most of us think about a mix of all of these things when we consider how important the pursuit and practice of wellness is in our lives. And I believe that certain aspects of it are important at different times in our lives. As we change, our priorities change; well-being is no different.

At Havergal, there is a team of people dedicated to learning about, understanding and promoting wellness in all of its forms. Through a cross-disciplinary approach to student support, this group—called the Student Support Team—embodies a circle of care approach to nurturing young people. Included on this team at Havergal are:

  • the school nurses;
  • Middle and Senior Schools guidance counsellors;
  • Junior and Upper Schools learning support specialists;
  • Junior and Upper Schools Health and Physical Education teachers;
  • nutrition and food services experts;
  • the school social worker;
  • the Junior and Upper Schools chaplains; and
  • the school’s administrators.

Together, we are able to address each student’s individual needs as they arise and as their health priorities grow and change. This group can also call on professional resources, both within and outside the Havergal community, to extend our care of students as needed. And as the year progresses, meaningful student involvement in wellness at Havergal will continue to grow, with contributions by our Grade 12 Wellness Prefect and through various student partnerships.

Students can access members of the Student Support Team, confidentially, using the email studentsupport@nullhavergal.on.ca. Visit www.havergal.on.ca/SSTblog for more on the Student Support Team blog.