Grad Gift

The Class of 2019 Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Endowment

The Grad Family Gift is an annual Havergal tradition focused on community, legacy and the future of the school. In September this year, the Grads voted to designate their Class of 2019 Endowment to Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility at Havergal, with the goal of supporting health and well-being for all Havergal students.

This truly speaks to the values of our girls: they are committed to student support on all levels (physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional). Their endowment is important because it aligns with one of the key pillars of Havergal’s strategic plan of becoming a leading health promotion school, which will continue to benefit students for generations to come.

When your daughter joined the Havergal community, you knew that she would be taught by the best teachers, in beautiful facilities in a student-centered environment. Your support of the Class of 2019 Endowment will go towards initiatives that enhance this evolving program.

We hope that you join us in supporting the 2019 Grad Family Gift and we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the Grade 12 students this year with you!


  • We aim to reach 100% participationevery 2019 Grad family is asked to make a contribution to the Grad Family Gift, and every 2019 Grad is asked as well.
  • A gift to the Endowment is considered your annual gift for the 2018-2019 year – meaning if you make your gift now, we won’t ask again throughout the year.
  • The size of your gift depends upon what makes sense for your family; historically, many families give to correspond with their daughter’s year: $2,019.
  • You will be recognized along with all other donors in the Graduation program.

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Phone with your credit card number at 416.482.4707.

Mail your cheque, made payable to The Havergal College Foundation.