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The Havergal Endowment: For Excellence. For Everyone. Forever.

Established by visionary donors who recognized that the future of the school depends on an on-going funding source that will support excellence for the future, the Havergal Endowment has already directly benefited generations of students. It has financed scholarships and bursaries, funded professional development and curriculum initiatives and provided new equipment-to name just a few of its benefits.


How does Endowment work?

Donors make gifts that are pooled into one fund. The larger the capital, the more income is generated. A percentage of the income generated by the endowment capital is spent annually, but the capital itself remains untouched, ensuring that monies continue to be generated with each succeeding year.


How do I contribute to the Havergal Endowment?

When you make your Annual Gift to Havergal, you can specify that you wish your donation to be put toward the Havergal Endowment, such as in one of our priority areas: Scholarships and Bursaries, Curriculum Enrichment, Professional Development and Property Enhancement. For a gift of $25,000 or more, you may name a portion of the Havergal Endowment and specify a particular area of support.


Class Endowments

The Class Endowment program, begun by Old Girls and their families, recognizes the achievements of each graduating year and enables classes to support “those who follow”. Class Endowments have been established for the classes of 1947, 1950 and up to the current graduating class. Once a Class Endowment reaches $25,000, it has achieved granting status and can begin to support an area of need, chosen by the class.


Grad Class Family Gift

These are special gifts initiated by parents in honour of their daughters as they graduate from Havergal, as well as student gifts from the Grads. The graduating class is responsible for determining how their gift will benefit Havergal and, as Old Girls, they can continue to build these special Class Endowments.

Priority Areas for the Havergal Endowment

  • Student financial assistance: making a Havergal education more accessible. Bursaries open the way for deserving students-for whom tuition may have been a barrier-to attend Havergal. Currently 5% of our students receive a bursary. Click here for more information about specific bursaries & scholarships.
  • Curriculum enrichment: sparking a life-long love of learning. From leadership development to master classes and mentorship, Curriculum enrichment includes all the classroom tools that make the learning experience meaningful and relevant.
  • Professional development: creating a stimulating and dynamic teaching and learning environment. Investment in professional development allows the school to continue to attract and retain faculty of outstanding calibre and provides a more stimulating and dynamic teaching and learning environment.
  • Property enhancement: ensuring the preservation of our heritage spaces. We must ensure the preservation of our heritage spaces and build on our sustainability plan to continue to be environmentally responsible.