On Tuesday, October 10, Havergal launched our first Day 9 experience. The mission for Day 9 is to align the school’s values and mission through curated, co-created experiences with faculty and students. Day 9s are opportunities to deepen and extend our learning.

For students in Grades 9 to 12, we had more than 30 experts in over 30 fields come into the school to workshop with our students. We also had more than 300 students depart on day-long, immersive experiences across the GTA. Our students explored new perspectives and experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship: designing and launching your own business;
  • Circus Camp: learning to leap outside of your comfort zones;
  • Food 101: an excursion to explore local food sources challenges and opportunities;
  • Havergal Walks: get to know your city’s past, present and future with urban designers;
  • Urban Indigenous Partnerships: learn and collaborate to increase cultural understandings;
  • Tacos y Flamencos: immerse yourself in the Spanish culture scene in Toronto;
  • Mindful Wellness Retreat: learn tools and tactics to build capacity in yourself;
  • STE(A)M & Robotics: learn about, build and control your own robot; and
  • Leadership Accelerator: learn more about Havergal’s 5 Domains of Leadership, and reflect on your capability to be a leader within each domain.

The feedback from our first day was overwhelmingly positive. We have always said that the Day 9 experience will be one that grows, where the process is iterative; in this way, we are always learning to adjust our sails to point to experiences about which our students and faculty are passionate.

Students reported that it challenged them to think in new ways and was incredibly experiential. Over 85 per cent of students would highly recommend their experience to others. While there is much to celebrate about our first Day 9, we are looking grow the program in different ways and balance what this can be across the school. To that end, we are hoping our students can be more involved in the design and building of these opportunities in the future.

Students and faculty will immerse themselves in the next Day 9 activities on Tuesday, November 28.


Student Testimonials

“It taught me things I never even thought about learning and would definitely have never discovered in the classroom.”

“I participated in Entrepreneurship 101 and I learned a lot about starting your own business and the reasons behind why things are priced the way they are.”

“I loved circus camp! It was so much fun and really unique.”

“I participated in the Spanish Day 9 experience. Even though I don’t take Spanish as a course, I learned a lot about the culture from both a food and dancing perspective!”

“I thought that Entrepreneurship 101 was a great experience for any student who is considering job options for the future. I am only in Grade 9, but it was really eye opening to learn about what being an entrepreneur is like!”