Dear Parents,

Today you may have heard that the Ontario provincial government announced that all publicly funded Ontario schools will remain closed until May 29. You can read more about this announcement here.

As a result, Havergal College will once again follow this directive. We recognize the importance and need to continue social distancing measures in order to help flatten the curve and keep our school community, and the greater community of Ontario, healthy and safe.

We have found ourselves developing new daily routines as we adjust to our home-based settings. I know that our students are agile learners who are capable of adapting during these circumstances, and I have every confidence in their ability to thrive.

We continue to shape the Remote Learning Plan (RLP) to best meet our student’s needs. As I mentioned in my community message on Friday morning, we will keep collecting feedback and will use those valuable insights to adapt the RLP to make sure it supports students now, and if needed, in the future.

I encourage you to read the next issue of Inside Havergal when it reaches you this Tuesday, April 28. There are several articles and resources to help support you and your daughter.

As always, I appreciate your ongoing patience and cooperation during this time of challenge and change. I urge you to keep finding safe ways—through phone calls, emails, video conferences and social media—to foster connections between your daughter, her friends and her teachers to help maintain a strong sense of wellbeing. I believe that strong communities remain buoyant when challenged, because their connections sustain them over time and through uncertainty.


Catherine Misson