This August, more than 100 campers from Havergal’s local community partner schools attended our Jumpstart AIM Sport for Community and Band camps.

Led by a group of enthusiastic student volunteer Leaders in Training (LITs), the campers at the Jumpstart AIM Sport for Community Camp learned new skills in rugby, gymnastics, basketball, cricket, swimming and tennis. Local sports experts (coaches and players at the university or college level) helped the campers and LITs develop athletic skills in their areas of expertise.

The inspiration for this camp began after a group of student athletes in 2010 wished that sport be accessible to all. With this goal in mind, the students worked with the staff in the Institute at Havergal to remove the barriers (physical and psychological) that prevent some people from participating in athletics. These barriers include lack of access to facilities and equipment, transportation to and from sports facilities, as well as the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to play and enjoy sports.

Jumpstart AIM Sport for Community Camp came to life when Havergal joined forces with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart, an organization that helps children participate in organized sport and recreation. For only $25 per week (which includes transportation to and from the camp, lunch and access to the school’s athletic facilities and equipment), campers enjoy learning new skills and participating in sports that they may not have previously had exposure to.

This year also saw the introduction of the BACH Music Camp at Havergal. With the same idea of removing barriers that restrict access, BACH Music Camp provides students from our community partner schools with the opportunity to learn to play instruments from Upper School Music Teacher Ms. Cissy Goodridge, Havergal student volunteers (LITs) and Old Girl Carling Pang 2014. For $25 for the week (which includes daily transportation to and from the camp, lunch and instrument rental fee), campers received an introduction to the clarinet, trumpet, percussion, saxophone, trombone or baritone. The hope was to spark an interest in music in these campers, which can help students gain confidence and increase memory, reading and comprehension skills as it provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression. The campers enjoyed the week at camp where they played their instruments and participated in music games and some outdoor activities.

This year’s student leads, Coco Wang and Gillian Smith, would like to thank all of the wonderful campers, coaches and LITs for their leadership skills and contributions to the fun at camp this summer. They would also like to thank many of the departments at Havergal including: The Institute at Havergal, the Music Department, Facilities, Food Services, Security, IT and Communications for their help and support.